Blog of Colin Knowles, Vancouver-based photographer and software developer.

January 18th, 2013 12:30am

Oh, hello there.

Hmmm. This blog seems to have fallen into disrepair. While I figure out what I want to do with it, here’s where you can find me online:

  • Thinkbitz Software Studio – My iOS apps are found here, at this point consisting of:
    • Grazing Browser – a better way to browser for the iPad and iPhone.
    • CloudClip – Sync your clipboard between your Mac and your iOS devices.
  • LinkedIn – I don’t update this as often as I probably should.
  • Flickr – My main online photo repository. Lately tons of photos of Vancouver and area, although there’s a pile of Toronto- and Buffalo-based urban exploration photography in there as well.
  • Instagram – I’ve recently decided to start using Instagram for daily-ish random iPhone photos.
  • Twitter – Not used a whole lot, but if I do anything exciting it does get posted on here.
  • Useful Hacks Tumblr – Some browser scripts I’ve written to correct minor annoyances in websites.
  • Taken in Vancouver Tumblr – Photography highlights.
  • I also maintain accounts on 500px and Google Plus, but don’t really do much with any of them just yet.
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